You're creating the next big game, born out of your passion for killer gaming experiences, and building the next great gaming or social web portal. That's the fun stuff, but there's also running the business side of the operation, figuring out your revenue strategy, executing that strategy, and tweaking your model on the fly as needed. Doing all of this while smartly deploying precious seed and VC funds is of course a key factor which will make or break your business.

Our name is a reference to a Spanish gold coin that was the currency of choice and the world standard of excellence. For hundreds of years the Doubloon remained the most trusted form of currency. The coins face had the imprint of the Pillars of Hercules with a scroll over the top, symbolizing this excellence. doubloon coin The modern day equivalent of the Doubloon is a currency which is portable, seamless across a publisher's games, whiteboxed to emphasize game branding, and easily accessed across the web, mobile devices, tablet devices, and desktops. We founded Doubloon in 2009 to address the need for a seamless virtual goods experience across several publishing platforms, which is becoming an essential strategy for any game developer or publisher leveraging a micro transactions model as a primary or secondary revenue source.

Doubloon also supports a variety of ways for gamers to pay for virtual goods, including direct charge to gamer, third party virtual currency plug-ins, and trial offers. Getting started is quick and painless. Doubloon's technology specific tools for Unity, Flash, iPhone and Android are designed for implementation in days rather than months. Are you ready to start making the kind of big revenue your game could be making?

They've built game and social networks and they understand what you're going through. Here's how they can help:

Get Revenue

* Engage user base with frequently updated, fresh content on MMOs, social network activities, web games, mobile games in an easy to manage platform.
* Create value from primary market sales via purchased currency.
* Create value from paid or free users by leveraging exchange fees on secondary market sales.
* Even go beyond primary and secondary market, capture value via sponsored ads, corporate sponsored virtual assets, arbitrage revenue, long tail revenue.
* Leverage multi currency to drive engagement (earned v purchased credits), or offer in-game currency "income" for paid users.
* Properly price episodic content for maximum viral effect or maximum profitability.
* Offer many payment methods almost instantly - everything from credit cards, to bill to phone, to prepaid cards.

Get Smart

Virtual economy metrics, including virtual currency sales, currency in the virtual economy, inflation rate, seasonal swings, client reporting software and ARPU (average revenue per user).

Predictive pricing based on price elasticity. Figure out what"s selling and what"s not, drop the price tag to drive higher volume, or introduce new items to replace unprofitable ones.

Monitor customer support feedback per item or item category to improve future offerings.

Get Happy Investors

Go to market and get to revenue faster on a game title. jsonKeep your investors happy - spend capital on game or social network development, defer infrastructure costs by working with Doubloon. Launch even faster by using Doubloon libraries: Unity, Drupal , Facebook, iPhone, Android, PHP, and JSON.


Who needs Doubloon?

Casual games, social networks, virtual worlds - anyone or any brand looking to build your virtual economy and monetize your assets.

What kinds of games are these?

Doubloon is ready to be integrated and implemented with web games developed in Unity 3D, Flash, PHP and Drupal.

What problem does Doubloon solve?

Doubloon was created to help game developers monetize their games via microtransactions and effective virtual goods management. If you have virtual goods, they can manage your catalog and help you increase your sales. If you don't have virtual goods yet, they can get you started and direct you towards an effective monetization platform for your game.

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How does Doubloon work?

Drop in the code and hook into our Doubloon Game and Admin APIs and you can be up and running in less than half a day. Start making money!

What about customization?

Use our custom storefront solution and style your catalog or storefront with CSS to suit your branding needs.

What is Doubloon?

Doubloon is a full featured stored value, asset inventory, and store catalog system enabling the buying, selling, and trading of virtual goods. It is a light weight and easily integrated API whereby Virtual Currency is purchasable through a secure payment processor.

More on the market page

Virtual goods

* Primary and secondary markets
* Gifting of items and currency
* Trading

Economy management

* Wallet
* Universal / Game Portal wallet
* Do you have a game portal? Doubloon will support it with your own virtual currency
* Do you need to share currency across games - Doubloon will provide you with a universal wallet