There are many moments in your game where the player has to make the buy versus grind decision. Will the gamer pick up the uber gear which will catapult him or her into prime content? Will they grind their way forward instead? How do you position your virtual goods to enhance the gaming experience for both types of players? Read the news section. Where do you begin segmenting your virtual goods economy to make the most of your game development investment? Understanding gamer behavior and pricing dynamics across many game titles is critical to your virtual goods strategy and ultimately your game title╩╝s revenue success.

Doubloon can help provide operational price management capabilities to handle frequent changes in competitive pricing, new item introductions, arbitrage opportunities, relative value assessments, and demand inflation techniques. Once new virtual asset information is entered, Doubloon allows publishers to set individual and cumulative thresholds and pass-through percentages to dictate what criteria trigger price changes for publisher to gamer sales of virtual goods, set materials costs properly to influence gamer to gamer sales of player crafted items, or track demand for paid items designed for use alongside free items. Optimal pricing rules, including odd digit pricing, cross-game zone pricing, and episodic content can be easily configured using easy-to-understand web administration interface

revenue per price

Map out the revenue per price bell curve, and let Doubloon figure out the optimal price based on demand statistics

track demand

Track demand for items during promotion windows and assess promotion effectiveness